Mayur 3XXX Black Body Spray 135ml No Gas 100% Gauranteed

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Bringing about change in every note, this 24 Caarat composition from Mayur is a fragrance that leaves a timeless signature on every man so he radiates class and sophistication everywhere he travels sand not just in the concrete jungle. Aromatic Fougere Fragrance- Fresh and Spicy Taking you from the concrete jungle to one that is filled with a fresh and cool air is this perfume with a top note that constitutes hints of fresh citrus and intense spice. Refreshing Yet impressive Throwing out the blanket of natural freshness, the EDP also ensures that your charismatic character proclaims your presence with an intense yet subtle impressiveness, travelling with beautiful notes of this perfume to charm the world. Sensuous with Woody tones of Sandalwood and Amber Let your senses curl up in a ball amidst the warm tones of sandalwood and amber shredding the air with a burst of intensity. 100% gauranteed for 24 hours long lasting.